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Phentremene Blue and White Speckled Tablets – NO prescription required


phenterminePhentremene is an over the counter breakthrough diet pill that has helped men and woman all over the world achieve their weight loss goals. Are you tired of over eating, binge eating, or the constant urge to eat? Phentremene will suppress those urges and help you maintain your diet easier. Slim down in those trouble areas like your legs, thighs, stomach, butt, and sides. Regain your confidence and start fitting into those clothes you want to. No doctor's prescription needed. Simply take 2 blue and white speckled tablets a day and watch the weight come off. Phentremene is made in the USA in an FDA  approved facility so quality is 100% guaranteed. Along with appetite suppression and fat burning Phentremene is will promote greater mental focus and energy boosting. Stop the mid day crashes and the feeling of wanting to take a nap.

Phentremene is clinically proven to provide these amazing results :

  • Promote extreme weight loss
  • Maximum Strength Appetite suppression
  • Reduce BMI(Body mass index)
  • Increase mental focus and alertness
  • Boost energy levels and stop the mid day crashes and feeling of fatigue
  • Enhance your metabolic function and promote fat burning
  • Increase metabolism which in turn will reduce fat consumption

With proper diet, exercise and supplementing with Phentremene your outlook for dieting success is almost guaranteed. Losing weight is a lifestyle change and commitment. Any product that makes claims you can simply take it and continue eating unhealthy and lose weight is lying. Be realistic with your weight loss goals and realize it is a slow process but one that will happen if you make the changes in your life. Whether it's for you, your kids, or your family being healthy is important to your longevity and mental state of mind.

Make 2016 the year you made the positive change for a healthier and happier you!


FAT BURNING - A key factor to the effectiveness of Phentremene is it's ability to help you burn that fat away. Phentremene can help melt the fat off fast and in all the right spots. Fat cells do not actually disappear from your body. They grow and reduce constantly according to your body needs and many other factors including what you eat. The fat is not burned right there in the fat cell, it must be liberated from the fat cell. When your body needs energy because you're consuming fewer calories than you are burning (an energy deficit), then your body releases hormones and enzymes that signal your fat cells to release your fat reserves instead of keeping them in storage. This fat is released off to your muscles where the energy is needed. Phentremene is very successful in helping create this process inside your body resulting in reduced fat cells which then displays the hidden muscle tone you have.


APPETIE SUPPRESSANT One of the main causes of being overweight is from overeating. The goal of using Phentremene is to decrease your daily calorie intake by using appetite suppression. By reducing your food consumption your daily calorie intake can drop as mush as 2000 calories a day or more making it much easier for you to burn more calories than you take in. Thus you will have weight loss easier exercise alone. To do this, the active ingredients in Phentremene focus on one of the main hormone receptors in your brain called the "Hypothalamus Gland". This gland is what sends the signals to your brain telling you that you are hungry or craving food. Phentremene enhances this hormone and manipulates it into sending full or not hungry signals.


Every cell in your body requires energy to function? whether it’s delivering nutrients to your brain, pumping oxygen from your lungs to your muscles during a long power walk, or producing infection-fighting white blood cells deep in your bone marrow. Metabolism is the name for the system by which the body converts the calories in food to energy (blood sugar) to perform these and many other functions. Researchers estimate that our metabolism slows by 2 to 3 percent each decade starting at age 20. This is a key reason why we gain weight as we get older. The clinically proven key ingredients in Phentremene will boost your fat burning metabolism to a very effective and faster level that will impressively convert the toughest fat cells into fat burning energy. This can help you develop a much leaner well shaped figure at a very fast rate.

Suppress Appetite

Fat Burner

Burn fat and increase your bodies ability to do so by Thermogenics.
Increase fat burner power by 75% or more!


Reduce overall body weight by shredding fat exposing leaner muscle definition


Dramatic boost in energy levels, Stop the midday crash

With weight lose enjoy better and healthier cholesterol levels


Unbeatable Price.

60 Pills per bottle

Suppress & Curb Your Appetite
Burn Fat And Block Fat Absorption
Reduce Body Weight With Thermogenics
Maintain Healthy Cholesterol Levels

Boost Your Energy Levels


FREE! With your order of (3) bottles or more.

Kick your diet into high gear and knock the weight off fast with this FREE GIFT. Any Order of (3) bottles or more will come with a FREE DETOX24 Weight loss!

Remove excess weight in your intestinal track and bloating weight. Starts to work in 24 hours!


Phentremene (1 Bottle)
Speckled Tablet

Phentremene (2 Bottles)
Speckled Tablet

Phentremene (4 Bottles)
Speckled Tablet

Phentremene (6 Bottles)
Speckled Tablet



Product Name
Phentremene - Oral Appetite Suppressant

Product Uses
Phentremene is an oral drug used for aggressive dieting. Phentremene is used to control your appetite and put a stop to overeating.

Directions For Use
Take (1) pill in the morning and (1) before lunch with a glass of water. Doses should never exceed two (2) pills per day.

Drug Class and Mechanism
Phentremene is a Nutraceutical type product comprised of pharmaceutical-grade botanical ingredients.

Store in a cool dry place. Keep out of the reach of Children and Pets. Keep in original packaging.

Side Effects of Phentremene
Phentremene to-date has no known reported side effects, but as with any dietary supplement always consult your primary care physician should you have questions or concerns. Phentremene should not be taken by women during pregnancy.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The following information is intended to supplement, not substitute for, the expertise and judgment of your physician, pharmacist or other healthcare professional

Do not exceed the recommended dose. Phentremene is not intended for pregnant or nursing mothers, children under the age of 18, or individuals taking prescription drugs. Discontinue immediately if sleeplessness or nausea occur. Do not take Phentremene if you have a known medical condition including high blood pressure, diabetes, any cardiovascular disorder, heart disease, hyperthyroidism, or are taking antidepressant medications. Phentremene contains stimulants such as caffeine and should not be used by individuals wishing to eliminate such products from their diet. If you have questions about the advisability of taking Phentremene, consult your physician prior to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do I need to change the food I eat or can I eat whatever I want?
Answer: No. You will not need to change the food you eat. You just take one or two pills per day. However a healthier diet would increase your dieting results drastically.

Question: Do you need a doctor's prescription?
Answer: No. Phentremene does not require a doctor's prescription. Phentremene is classified as a nutraceutical. All orders are approved instantly and shipped quickly. You will not have to create an account to order. You may do so if you wish to track your orders easier.

Question: Is there a money back guarantee?
Answer: Yes! Although our satisfaction rate is 99% there are some people who simply don't get the results they were hoping for. That's why we offer an unconditional money back guarantee which is located here. Your satisfaction is our main goal.

Question: How Long Will It Take For Results to Show using Phentremene?
Answer: As with any dietary product you have to set realistic goals and expectations. Here is a general guideline as to what you can expect when taking Phentremene:

First Month
The most noticeable thing you will notice is your appetite will dramatically decrease.
Along with this decrease in appetite you will feel a substantial increase in your energy level.

Second Month
Now the transformation starts to take place. You will begin to see changes in your physical appearance as the weight drops off.

Third Month and Beyond
By now you are well on your way to whatever your goal is, most will have reached it. Key now is to maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating well balanced meals daily and continuing your workout program. This will ensure your hard work stays and your new fit lifestyle can be enjoyed.

Question: How will I benefit most from taking Phentremene?
Answer: Like any diet pill in order to achieve optimal results you should also eat right and exercise while taking Phentremene. Doing this will ensure your success with your
weight loss goals.

Question: What is in Phentremene?
Answer: For a detailed list of active ingredients in the capsules or tablets see the graph above listing the formulation.

Question: Where can I find more information on Phentremene 37.5mg diet pills?
Answer: You can find more info about Phentremene 37.5mg or here.

Question: How fast will I get my order?
Answer: Shipping time varies from location. We ship out of New York state, so depending on where you are will determine when you will receive your order. On average Standard shipping is 2-7 business days, Rush is 2-3 business days and Express is 1 day(Some rural locations may take 2).

Question: Where is Phentremene made?
Answer: Like all our product's. Phentremene is made in a FDA approved facility in the United States.

Question: Do you ship worldwide?
Answer: Yes, we ship all over the world. There are some countries that do not allow dietary supplements through their customs. Australia, Germany, China, Austria, New Zealand, and Italy we cannot ship to.

Common Names: Phentremene 37.5, Phentremene, Phentremene 37.5mg, FenPhen, Epedra, phentrimine, phentramine 37.5 Phentremene


Best price online and best product...
By Tamika, Texas
"You won't find a better deal anywhere for this product. I love it. I didn't expect to lose 20 lbs the same day but by the end of my very first month using it I lost 15lbs. The difference it makes in my appearance is really amazing. If you want to truly lose weight try this product and don't stop taking it. It will work!"

Works GREAT! and even better price...
By Marisa, Florida
" Works great for me. I could not be happier with my progress and how fast I received my order. So many of my friends noticed the weight loss so soon. This is the best diet pill and best web site to buy it from. Fantastic prices."

Pleasantly surprised
By Letha, New York
"I've used prescription Phentremene in the past, it worked, but the side effects were too much for me to handle. So a friend suggested I try Phentremene because she liked it and had lost 10lbs rather quickly so I gave it a shot.
I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was on my body and better yet it suppressed my appetite just like the prescription Phentremene did. I love it, please with the results and the price is great also. Thanks!"

I love it works great for me...
By Shawn, Arizona
"Works great! I was a little nervous ordering something over the internet, but your money back guarantee made me feel better about it. It took about a week for me to start feeling the effects, but I love how it makes
me not feel hungry. I was the chronic snacker and binge eater and I no longer feel the need to eat. Sometimes I have to force myself to not skip a meal. Great stuff."

Does what it says...
By Yolanda, Toronto, Canada
"I was looking for something reputable that worked for suppressing my appetite so I could drop some weight and came across your website. I ordered a bottle and starting taking it and felt the effects right away.
I am really happy with my results, I work out, and eat right and now after adding in this supplement I have lost 15lbs in 5 weeks. I feel great, my energy is up, and my overall self confidence is up. Thank you for
making something that works finally."








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